to loose a light

I sat in that chair, like i did every single day
and watched more of your light fade away.
I wished for more time,
time to make you see the beauty in life,
things were only ever ugly for a while.
I wished for more time,
to tell you my hopes for the future,
to share with you my dreams,
to make you proud,
to make you smile,
i was never ready for goodbye..

you were beautiful and kind,
but things looked ugly through your eyes,
i tried to give you purpose, to keep you alive
but you stopped me every single time,
and I couldn’t help you see the beauty in your life,
you told me beauty was a lie,
and I could never forgive that you would never try,
until that day I sat in front of you,
and you made me watch you die,
when you left me with an ugly world,
i couldn’t even cry,
just sitting in that chair without you,
without no love
without no light.


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