Caretta Caretta – Dalyan beach


Ahhh I have been itching to share this beautiful beach ever since I arrived! With no hotels or restaurants along the front it’s an untouched haven. And home to the beautiful Caretta Caretta sea turtles… I wasn’t even planning to visit here originally but a bus journey at Half price was hard to resist. There’s a sea turtle sanctuary on the beach, where you get to meet turtles that are being looked after, some have been injured by boats and fishing lines:(
Founded by an English woman, the sanctuary is a result of efforts to conserve and protect the beach and the turtles from the threat of heightening tourism in the 1990’s. I ended up in her hut, and discovered that Kaptan June has three books describing her battles with the Turkish government. I’m halfway through the first one which recounts her kaleidoscopic life and journeys through Switzerland, Germany and New York… This was a book I was meant to read. She writes with passion, courage and honesty about her love affair with the dalyan beach and her turtles…now I don’t want to leave and can’t put the book down.


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