4 ways to boost creativity

For any creative individuals, artists, writers, designers etc, sometimes motivation and inspiration can be lacking. This doesn’t mean you don’t want to be in full-creative mode but often there’s just a block, you easily loose your train of thought or you can’t get down on paper (seeing that this is the 21st century the use of paper
counts for all other technological canvas’) what you can visualise in your head, which can be mind numbingly frustrating. After studying creativity and possible enhancement techniques for a year, I have summarised the practical tips research suggests can not only increase our motivation to be creative but the quality of the material we produce.

do things differently
Following the same routine or lifestyle pattern inhibits our creative flow. As human beings we are more likely to produce novel stimuli when we do things differently, step out of our comfort zones or take a risk. If you feel stuck, seek out new experiences, this will allow you to address your work with a new and fresh perspective.

Don’t stick to set patterns! Following rules when trying to be creative is bad enough but following your own rules is a killer for expression. Don’t work within any moulds, yours or anyone else’s. Improvise freely, if you write or paint, use what you feel, not what you expect to see on the page. Don’t self monitor, you might surprise yourself.

take a break
Perhaps the most obvious, but taking a break when stuck is shown to improve any subsequent performance. Acting as a period of incubation, your subconscious is free to take hold of any material you have previously been working on while you are having time out. Take a shower, read a few pages of a book, listen to music, you may find on returning to your task you are able to think and process more clearly.

Create a creative space
Work in a room or space that’s catered to your specific creative needs. You will know where you work best, where you feel your most free and relaxed. It’s likely to be in a space you are comfortable and familiar with. If you realise you don’t have this, create it. Find out if you need minimal noise, a nice view, or food on tap. (I’m not sure this one is actual research rather than just something I learnt whilst doing my dissertation. 8000 words really tests you.)

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