Future ones

You already look like a poster but
I can see the bigger picture.
Our nights are gonna be so long,
Sitting at the open doors
Moonlight strong
Me with my art
You with yours
That I’m so down for
Planning for a couple kids,
Think of all the things
we can get to grips with,
what we will get to know,
How much we’re gonna grow
We won’t wanna slow down
Making simple decisions,
it’s a vision that I like,
Both strong
neither of us in a hurry
And we will know our own minds
Have enough time to give
Feet on the ground
both our heads in the clouds.
You’ll love that I write,
You’ll even come up with rhymes
In the shower or on your way home at night,
That I can use when I like
You get a kick out of my pages being lined
with the things that come to your mind,
but I’ll get it, you’re just like me,
Cause we both think alike,
finishing each other’s sentences and rapping rap lines
of albums that we both want on LP’s
And listen to at night.

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