In my house

One day…

Firstly there will always be good food
I’ll probably spend Sundays cooking,
Preparing meals for the week
I like to experiment with my own recipes…
My door will be open to my family and friends
Cause I want to nurture and protect
I’ll have BBQs in the summer with lots of wine,
My own cellar that you can go in and pick…
I don’t care about being rich but I’d like to have a pool
So I can reminisce about Sicilian cliffs,
Id make sure I have a flat roof, or a balcony that I can sit in the sun and outlook,
Maybe not a picket fence but pretty surroundings, a safe place to live..
My hands aren’t really green so i’d probably have a gardener to cut the grass and help the flowers grow
But maybe I could learn…
I’ll have a massive bed
Double king size for morning lay ins
With loads of pillows cause I love comfy things, even if I have to throw them all off to get in..
A walk in wardrobe for all the dresses I only wear once,
A whole wall for my shoes,
A library covered in fairy lights with a section for LP’s
All the books I’ve read and have yet to read
Books people have lent me and spaces from the ones that are on loan to friends
Chronic album artwork on the wall
A chair like Pablo Escobar where I make all my important calls
And a sound system that plays in every room..
There could be additions too,
I know I want quad bikes so i’d have to have a garage..
And he’d probably want space for all his cars
and how about a telescope that poked through the blinds
A map of the skies
And one of the world that we add pins to
wherever we fly…
Touch down, Returning home…
To my House.

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