Buddha meets Freud

My recent reading has been surrounding the topics of Buddhism and science and how they are compatible they are with one another. From what I understand within the last few years there has been examinations of both the meditative practice and Buddhist ideas about the human mind and how it works.

Research into both areas has suggested that the most obvious way to identify a link would be to look at brain scans of those who meditate or those who practice aspects of the Buddhist faith which have identified a positive link.
Buddhists believe that human suffering which could encompass anything from anxiety to extreme sadness or unfulfilled cravings results from a distorted view of reality – which is one of the core beliefs of modern psychology. In the same way that Buddhists address negative thoughts or misconceptions about reality with meditation methods, psychology has various methods which are used in both medical and therapeutic settings to target and ultimately re-write negative thought patterns. Consequently, current thinking suggests that rather than dismissing early Buddhist methods, psychology, with the help of physiology and science, is able to appreciate and even incorporate buddhism into their approaches towards understanding the human brain and improving human behaviours and thought patterns.

I am about to take an online course where i will learn a lot more about how the two coincide with one another, and there will be a lot of reading material which I will probably want to offer my perspective on and cant wait to get to grips with.
I am currently reading an article about Buddhist and psychological perspectives on emotions and well being which i aim to comment on at some point. Link is below

Click to access wellbeing.pdf

I am not sure why but although I see the links between the two, I can’t help but feel Buddhism being explained or understood by psychology takes away from its spirituality, but the nature of psychology is that nothing should be left undiscovered, unexplored so i guess that is to be expected.

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