Laws and the Land

After finishing college, a group of five American friends decide to go travelling. They have some free time before they get jobs in their parents law firms, and after turning 21 they have trust funds to be spent.
They take Europe first, most of them have been already on weekends, Venice for a day, just another city where they can play, spend their money and throw their weight around.
Once they hit Asia they get stuck in Singapore. They take the law into their own hands and instead of exploring an unknown land, they drink for more than thirst and burn down four cars unmanned in front of a village and children, and eventually get arrested after police find drugs in their hotel loft.
They get put in jail where they spend a couple of days. They have never seen anything like it, cells overflowing, police coming and going without urgency of dealing with their case.
The ringleader of the group is the son of a diplomat. One phone call and the American government get involved. “Let the boys leave and they will never return, they will not come back to your country again”, they plea.
But the group of five friends get put on trial. They have some free time to think before they start to deny, but after turning 21 accountability is high, and now they have trust to earn.
They hear from the Singapore government that they cannot be protected by the mention of a name abroad.
“We will let you tell us how to run our country, when you let us tell you how to run yours”.
The law of the land takes the five into it’s own hands and chains them up publicly in the square. It’s the first they have seen of day to day life, only exploring Singapore at night they see a lot they haven’t before. They receive 30 lashes each and are told to never return. So to their homes they retreat and with scars on their back, ego’s flat, they get jobs in their parents law firms.

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