I don’t really know why I am writing about this because I’m not sure if it’s my place, but I found out the old man I lived next door to at uni passed away. He was 82!
I just felt sad because I have really pleasant memories of him and it’s sad to think he’s not there anymore. He lived alone and would always be at the front of his house gardening when the weather was nice and I would always stop and chat to him about my day and he would take an interest in my course and dissertation. I remember he used to say he thought we were really good tenants as we were never too loud or made much noise and the bass on my speakers was quite heavy so If he heard it or it bothered him he never said, or maybe he had trouble hearing baha.
I think it was towards the end of the year,  we were sunbathing cause it was really warm outside and he learned over the fence in the garden and lent us a sponge mattress thing that we could lay on instead of the grass, and whenever it was anyone’s birthday we would always give him a slice of cake.
I needed to share these memories because although he had family he used to say that they were busy and could never visit him. Although we didn’t even know him that well you don’t really think about the little things someone does or how their presence affects you until they aren’t there anymore. He was always so happy as well, he used to take our bins out for us and cut our grass and we never asked him to, I think he liked doing the jobs to keep him busy but he would always have a smile on his face, bless him! I feel like I should have gone around for the last time before I left to give him another slice of cake or help him with his garden.
He would always tell me and Moll stories about his wife who died 10 years before, and he would say how they had seen the area gradually change over the years, how a lot of his other neighbors had moaned about the influx of new people resulting from the university but how they both liked the change and getting to know lots of different people because they made new friends from all over.
It’s weird to think if I ever go back to my old house he won’t be next door but I am very glad I got to meet him and swap stories, you will be missed on Cloverland :)


  1. We just had our oldest resident in our apartment move out to a home last week. She’d lived here over 60 years! It’s sad, but people and places will always live on in our minds, huh? I can remember so many places that are gone, too. But there will always be something new!


    1. Ah she must have had some stories to tell! It’s sad but that’s life , just happy I got to meet him:)

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