Black Civil Rights 1960 – James Baldwin Bests William F. Buckley

I studied American Civil Rights for 2 years at A – level so anything surrounding that movement is of particular interest to me. Perhaps I will do a piece on it from my own perspective but for now take a look at this…

James Baldwin was a huge media personality and a literary ambassador for civil rights throughout the 1960’s. He was asked by Cambridge university to debate with William F. Buckley “father of American conservatism” on the title “The American Dream is at the Expense of the American Negro.”
The debate is shown in parts above, but you can download the full version here.…

Also – with regards to reads surrounding Black Civil rights, one of the best fictional books I have ever read, and one I thoroughly enjoyed studying was Small Island by Andrea Levy. Written from the perspectives of four main characters, she displays the struggles of Jamaican immigrants In London after being recruited to fight in World War 2. Aside from describing the political and stereotypical trials of being black from a ‘small island’ in an all white ‘motherland’, Andrea writes beautifully about interracial relationships and friendships (which I find to be the most powerful), showing both compassion and integrity towards such a controversial period of history.

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