Writing Forums!!

Do any of you guys use writers forums?

As part of my plan for 2015 this is something I want to get into in order for more people to read and advise me on my writing. I have a found a couple online but I’m not sure which are the best ones to use, if any?

So far I have found these

I like the look of writers digest as it gives a breakdown of everything it aims to support you with, character development, book cover design, word mechanics (I’m selling it to myself now) but if any of you guys know any others let me know!!

Otherwise I will let you know what I think of these ones :)

4 thoughts on “Writing Forums!!

  1. Some, there are so many obscure ones that can help you. I really just want everyone to read what I write. It’s tough sometimes, but it’s fun to branch out and have different opinions from people who specialize in different forms of writing :p


    1. Yeah that’s exactly what I was thinking!! I want to see what people think with different expertise and backgrounds :-) I thought there would be a lot of different ones but as it’s not something I looked in to that much felt like I was in deep water haha!

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