1. I feel like I have done so much in the past few days, and actually I haven’t really done shit (in the long scheme of things). BUT I have been looking at what it would take for me to try and make jewellery myself, I feel like it could work, I have loads of ideas in my head, I just need to get a lot better at drawing or get someone to draw for me. 
2. I saw the trailer for the film ‘TRASH’ today and I really want to see it. It’s about three friends on the streets of brazil who make a discovery of a wallet whilst searching through trash, but information inside exposes corruption, they end up on the run from authorities, or something along those lines. This will probably make more sense TRASH TRAILER . 
3. January is a long arse month. Pay day is 21 days away why;-(
4. I bought a heated blanket for under my sheets so my bed is gonna be soooo warm when I get in it haaallleeelluuujjaahhh but
(5.) tommorrow is monday and I have to leave them for the cold journey to work:-(
6. Sky’s the limit – B.I.G

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