besides it all

besides it all
keep your palms up
the sky is not far from the ground
so look above
and at everything around
the smallest things,
the melody you hear
when a bird sings
I know it makes you happy
and I know it makes you think
of a life far beyond this,
all that kindness
all that heart,
look at everything around
you’ve come so far
and things are different now
from lying on the ground
with broken soul
and a broken smile
nothing lasts forever
you’ve told me this before
and it might take a while
but in the mean time look above
and take pride in the things you worked for
besides it all
keep your palms up

13-05-12 – for my mama


  1. This touches my heart. Beautifully written.

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  2. ‘Keep your palms up’ – sublime young lady

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    1. you are too kind. thank you, and for reading. :)

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      1. Poetry – worthwhile poetry that is – is a passion of this old fool. Yours falls into that category…a tug at the heartstrings…which is why you write. Great stuff. I shall now get my maid to bring me my ear trumpet, my fez, glass of vintage port, a blanket (of course) plus my monocle whereupon I shall fall into a deep sleep aside a log fire! She lost the bath chair on an outing last week.


      2. haha thank you very much! I hope you enjoy reading, it gives me so much enthusiasm to know what I write is received well. It is a passion of mine also! enjoy :D

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  3. the golden lining does exist even without the cloud….aptly put…good stuff


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