Loca in Catalonia

Catalonia. I have fallen for you. I didn’t know what to expect from this city, and it fully surprised me, alive with culture, curiosity, and irresistible cuisine.  I honestly had to be dragged back onto the plane. The scenes after sunset are so seductive. The lights of the city. The marina. The natural beauty of the coastline.

Being a beach baby I found the mix with city life a little weird at first but it actually works really well. You can have a morning of shopping or exploring the beautiful city and then an afternoon relaxing out on the beach with some rum and pineapple – not too shabby :D

Ok so, picture this. We get out the cab from the airport, look around and think where the fuck have we been left. Standing in a back alley there are no signs for apartments or lodgings and we stick out like a sore thumb with all our bags and sunglasses and my volleyball (I insist on taking it because it really isn’t a holiday without it). We think we find something with a name sort of like our apartments so we head in down a passageway which leads us into lifts…fully thinking we’ve found it – although it doesn’t have any signs or direct us to a particular level for reception, so we try all the levels, get out at each one, kinda comical with all our luggage, and realise that we are actually in a car park, so we go back up to the top like idiots and start frantically searching down the same street, eventually walking through the right door (only other door on the tiny street).

Ready for alcohol we go and have lunch on the main street la Rambla, get robbed blind – 11 euros for a salad. But then we realised it was a pretty shitty restaurant anyway and our choices got a lot better as we went on. We come across a roof top bar – The Attic where you could get an amazing selection of tapas – Spanish meatballs, nachos and guacamole, almond battered prawns, mini paella, spiced sea bass. Oh my god I ate so much good food – I got a little holiday weight but my thighs took the brunt of it so its whatever.

The port up from la rambla – Port Olympia had the most beautiful restaurants – so much sea food. Then loads of outdoor hookah lounges and bars on the sea front. There’s a Pacha there too and Shôko for house and loads of salsa bars :P So you got the best of both, and the promoters are pretty flexible so you can get into most places for free. And then you leave when the suns coming up across the beach. Best morning views ever.

Weather wise it was kinda breezy, but the sun was always shining, soothing and warm, perfect really cause you walk a lot to get around but still hot enough to sit on the beach comfortably (did wear jeans with my bikini one day though).

Everyone loves to travel obviously – but theres something so beautiful about travelling somewhere you haven’t been before. You become receptive to different cultures and start to appreciate different ways of living to your own, its refreshing – not having shit to do except explore, eat, drink, sleep and soak up all the sunshine may have something to do with it though :D Only downside was that I couldn’t see fast 7 when it came out, but that’s being fixed this week.

So now I’m like aaaaahhh I’m not gonna really enjoy a sunset for a while or be able to go out in the evening without a jacket on to feel the warmth of the sun on my skin still lingering from the heat in the daytime, and honestly salsa ain’t the same in London! Take me back or somewhere new :D





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