They start to feel refreshing after being out in them for days,
and when only trickles drop, they can seem like a full wave.

Sitting in the evening air, you tell me how every element has a place,
how they are making the world turn, where they get their names from
and how each and every one occurs.

You taught me that although we only wish for sun,
it is okay to stay beneath the sky as in droplets it falls,

Perhaps they come from a place of wonder, and because of you I wonder,
if we should start to teach them that it’s like magic to feel them all.

9 thoughts on “Raindrops

  1. It is fascinating how all of us can place similar objects in a poem and discuss them in such a different way! The sun and the rain for you. The sun and storm clouds for me. You have the KISS rule down pat! Now that you have mentioned elements, I will have to share mine in my next post.

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