Empathy & The Story

I believe that writing needs and encourages empathy, and that empathy is the key to good storytelling. To know a character, you have to sympathize, you have to relate and understand their perspective, point of view. You have to live the life they live to understand what and how they feel.  A character is a mindset, with which you have a range of emotions and feelings and experiences to exercise.

If you studied psychology you will be familiar with ‘A day in the life of’ – a technique used to determine an individuals perception of ‘stereotypical’ people. For writers it’s a useful tool for putting yourself in the shoes of another person entirely.

It’s great. Bad guys aren’t so bad when you are able to sympathize with what they have been through. Everyone has a story. Empathy encourages compassion which stems from the ability to love, which you need to have for all of your characters, in order for them to blossom.

I hope you enjoy my first few snippets and perspectives, so far I have found it quite challenging but I used some of my own emotions and experiences which helped. Try it for yourself too – make a different bed than your own, write about those that are weak or vulnerable and be creative with it!!

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