I am A Rich Man

I had been waiting for the parade all week,
And awoke to hear the crowds sing.
I peered out my tiny window, looking for the King.
A marbled sea of colours I saw, waves and waves
Of golden and emerald and sapphire set alight,
I would have eagerly given my last silver coin
to see again, all I saw that night.

The ground stones were laced with rose petals,
and exotic evergreen so bright,
Wrapped to the posts were sashes of silver,
that glistened in the evening sky.
My mouth watered,
Tempted by the smell of roasting figs
and all the sweet fruits of the earth,
I stood breathless in awe and delight,
of such an array of craftsman’s work,

When The King appeared
As though called by chorus of melodic cries,
not one breathing being did not bow,
as on the back of elephant did he ride.
A creature of magnificence and beauty,
it’s trunk embellished in lace and gold,
sequin patterns decorated its ears,
and a multicolored carpet lay down it’s spine.

At my tiny window, I stood till morning,
celebrations continued til the sky hummed bright.
And as my eyes drifted slowly deeper
An almighty castle grew inside my mind.
In sheets of silk I sunk
tapastries embroided with the finest jewels a man could buy,
dazzling in reflection of the perfect pewter sky.
On my finger shone a diamond, the size of an eagles eye,
full of kaleidoscopic horizons,
of golden and sapphire and emerald alike.
And laced into my pillow, needled in a satin most desired
a creature of magnificence and beauty,
and tiny elephant there did lie.

Oh how it is to live as if a King every night,
between the clouds of my own kingdom,
I feel my soul delight.
From my tiny window, on a tiny little street,
I tread through golden evergreen,
and wade through purples seas,
until the indigo sky humms bright,
when I drift into my dream of majesty,
I am a rich man all my life.

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