III. In Dreams of Aventurine

Her nonno had recited to her as a child, stories of the magical Isola before bed,
so she would drift into dreams of molton glass and streets with turquoise floors.

The craftsman there were at the disposal of the re* (king). On his command, they would sculpt the most exquisite glass treasures, with which he decorated the palace in abundance.
As many thousands as the stars in the night sky.

Nonno said any fragment that left in travelling hands would ensure all amount of good fortune to its destination. “The charms from Italia”.

Catalina saw this to be true as she walked along the cobbled street of Strada Cerezo, craft houses alight with flames from burning ovens.
Clear glass, enameled glass, aventurine (glass with gold threads), millefiori (multicoloured glass), milk glass and imitation gemstones.
Each that held a memory, each that sealed a promise.

© elenaxtina.com, 2015

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