XII. Hummingbirds

Catalina peered through the door she had been told not to see.
She rarely tip-toed around commands set by mouth.

Opening in front of her, a chest of tesoro (treasure), a cave of wonders.
She dazzled in it’s reflection.

Set before her were the blessings from many lands.

From Sicilia, Rare Ortiga Lime Glycerin in hourglass decanters.
The elixir of youth, coveted for centuries after The Holy Roman Empress, Maria Theresa,
had sworn by its mystical properties.

Sage green and Chrystal yellow mosaic vases from Caltagirone (‘The City Of Sicilian Ceremaics’) encrusted with fire-like axinite.

Firenze (Florence) had sent Marzipan fruits in creamy shades of pastel, vino soaked ciliegie (sweet cherries)
and amarene (black cherries) coated in snow sugar.

And from the foothills of Bergamo,
harvested honey-glossed Satin sewn in the shape of roses through Mantua cloth.

Like a pendant hung from the chambers highest point, a gold plated cage,
Large enough for a jaguar or leopard. Inside two starry-eyed hummingbirds,
floating in electric feathers, singing in gentle melodies.

Their elegance unlike anything she had seen, Catalina did not know their origin.

© elenaxtina.com, 2015


  1. I have to get used to your greatness

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    1. You are too nice :)

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      1. Did you see the poem I dedicated for you?

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      2. I love it :) You need to write haikus more often!

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      3. You are so sweet, you reblog the whole thing now Im blushing


      4. aw of course :)

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