XIII. Almari

The Story Torcello told Tomaso

As a brother, Tomaso was one of two. As a sibling, he was one of seven.
The elder of five sisters, he quickly learned lessons of responsibility and sacrifice.

The Almari (name family lineage) were known for generations as mietitrebbia (laborers) of the Sicilian hillside.
Harvesting from the olive vineyards in summer season, and rearing lambs winter through to spring.
A profession that left them respected, but ironically less fruitful.

Dedicated to the church and bound by its rituals,
any extra wealth would slip through his fathers fingers before it settled in his pocket,
or indeed that of his children.

This left some of the seven humble. Some of them, hungry.
His brother, the latter.

Tomaso saw a world to be healed. Antonio saw a world to be conquered.

© elenaxtina.com, 2015


  1. Hiya! I’ve nominated you for the Liebster award, have some fun and read what to do here: https://glitterbloodedwords.wordpress.com/2015/05/08/the-liebster-award-%E2%97%95%E2%80%BF%E2%97%95/

    Promise this isn’t a scam, those numbers are because of the smiley face icon I put in my post >.>


  2. a great story – deep with great meaning!!

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    1. Thank you!! I’m just running with it :)


      1. it’s beautiful:) I Adore your page:)

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      2. Thank you.. that’s so good to Hear! X

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