II. Wealth

Abia had little concept of wealth.

Only that In Merolas, money was merely bits of brass that jingled in cloth pockets.
Soon to be spent, or stolen.

At market, two pieces could be exchanged for pan caliente (hot bread).
If you dared beyond the safety of the crowds clasping hands, two pieces could be exchanged for vida (life).

Dinero is trouble. When you have it and when you don’t.” her mother would say.

Merolas sat on the edge of a city that had begun to change.
With rapid influx of wealth arose luxuries un-dreamable.

But Grand silver towers were built in hast with bricks of ego.
Evergreen bloomed boastfully in it’s thousand tones.
Rivers ran rapid with greed that spilled out into the city.

Abia and her family were cloaked in distance. For now, they were far enough away to stay unaffected.
But they were close enough to see, close enough to hear.

© elenaxtina.com, 2015 in Skies over a Shanty Town

4 thoughts on “II. Wealth

  1. Hello and thank you for the interest in my blog. No really beacuse it brought me here, to your blog. I have read very little of this but it. is. beautiful. I am drawn in to both characters and place and concept and the beauty of the words. I can’t wait to read more. Bravo!


  2. lucius_pixel

    You ever think of how much work goes into the creation of those bits of jangly metal? Coins. Coins are pulled from the dirt and melted in previously smithed moulds and smoothed and engraved. Coins are evidence of extremely difficult work having been done. They are tools that are the atomic units of finance. Coins, are as valuable as hammers and when you need a hammer you call this person, when you need coins, you call this person, when you need words you call someone like Elena or Lucius.


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