VIII. Make Believe

For the next three days, Abia and Tariq salvaged through the suns hours.
Abia was thankful for his help.
Tariq, for her company.

A task of men, they accomplished with the innocence of children.

Dust and gravel were stardust fallen from the night sky.
In the hunt for hidden treasure, they walked along the bank of an oasis.
When they plunged nets into cloudy water wells, they would retrieve prized ivory and gold.

“Imagine you are going to build a ship from all our finds. A grand vessel. It will carry kings and transport the most exquisite riches” Tariq repeated every morning.

She knew he was only playing, but it was here in this make believe world of mystery and adventure, that Abia could pretend that her and her family had a future.
It was here, that Tariq could pretend that nothing was going to change.

©, 2015 in Skies over A Shanty Town


  1. lucius_pixel

    I used to make Believe on an assembly line … it sort of works by doing something and handing it someone for them to do something with and then they hand it to someone for them to do something with … next thing you know … board game.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think I just got told off for trying to be funny and laughing in assembly line haha


      1. lucius_pixel

        You would be surprised.


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