Imagery & Translation


This image is the closest to what I picture when I am writing in Skies Over A Shanty Town. I am finding this thread challenging because I have a lot of ideas that I want to explore and at the moment they seem to be coming out jumbled. It can be difficult to get down exactly what you envision in your head onto paper. I am working through mind maps and story boards which are helping to organise my thoughts. I will try to blog through this – how to organise your writing, what is working for me and what could work for you :)

20 thoughts on “Imagery & Translation

  1. Allow your thoughts to run free on the page. When the writing ceases, then, organize your thoughts. Write, write, and write some more. Every last word has a meaning, you just have to make sense of them.


      1. I was recently told, “a writer voice need to be searched for, before it is heard”. You will be heard, if you find a voice that you are confident about sharing. Trust the process….

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