Two Tales


To Tell A Son

So then we start to appreciate life,
So much so because we gave you yours
We live in the possibility that the world can be anything,
We must tell him

The world may get bigger but you will learn how to see everything
The land you are from may start to seem small,
But you must learn that you need it,
And you will want peace for it all

You can be a conqueror besides that of men,
And we teach you this early in hope
That you have every means of freedom

To Tell A Daughter

So then we start to listen,
And we learn to open ourselves up,
Into the possibility that the world is more than just our own,
We must tell her

In her heart she is more than the land she comes from
But in her heart she must hold that land dearly
Because from it she blossomed
We must tell her

How her beauty grows despite corruption,
Her grace holds despite suffering
She is nothing short of perfect,
Despite the things she may have seen

Originally posted April 13th & 14th 2015 –

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