One Dimension

Im trying to find peace of mind
in an age where everyone seems blind
to every crazy circumstance
the weirdest ways the world unwinds
into crazy circumstance
they say give yourself time,
maybe that will tell
but I don’t wanna wait here
stuck in one-dimension
Im running out of words to say
expressing myself in every way
is slowly taking its toll on me
shall we leave this down to fate
or unravel ourselves by hand
to find the meaning of the faces we see
when half of man is still asleep
consumed by all the questions
like why half the world is still incomplete
as a consequence of hate
how can we just forget them
doesn’t look like my idea of protection,
I need to understand
with no explanation to hand
they say give yourself time
maybe that will tell
tomorrow is another day
but today is today
and I have so much to say
so I’m scrambling lines
with a thousand intentions
trying to find peace of mind
what part of me I left behind
why most of the world is blind
and learn what the majority fails to see
while so unapologetically
stuck in one-dimension


  1. Wow this is amazing!

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