Growing Pains

she’s as proud of you as me. this is beautiful

Nina Evangeli

That star in the sky, the brightest of all,
I reach out my hand to touch it, to touch you,
Squinting my eyes as I remember,
The day I was told you’d gone up there too.

You’d joined the one who ruled the heavens,
But that meant leaving me down here,
I never did blame you nor do I now,
But it doesn’t make it easier that you had to disappear. 

The severe suffering I underwent,
I did not face alone,
but the pain which others endured,
I understand more now I’m grown.

I wish you could be here to hold my hand,
to help and guide me where I need,
And that the consequences of your death,
were gone, so that my heart never had to bleed.  

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