Travels to Marrakech, Morocco. Day 2

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Nina Evangeli

If you thought that my last blog post about Marrakech seemed eventful, then you’re in for a big shock with this one. Day 2 was definitely the hardest.

I was still feeling a little bit anxious about the day before. I didn’t want to have any more arguments with fully grown men about money. However I also didn’t want to spend my holiday hiding in the riad, too afraid to leave. So we spent a few hours relaxing by the pool and went to a local café for lunch. Afterwards, we went on the hunt for a shop where we could buy some drinks for the room, choosing to be adventurous by walking in a random direction and seeing where it took us.

We saw a sign for the museum of Marrakech and decided we might as well go and see it while we were there. While we were walking we…

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