Seeing the Consequences

The world is going crazy. At work I sit next to the news which is half good because I know what’s going on (what they broadcast anyway) and half bad because it’s all I listen to all day. But honestly I feel so strongly about the whole migrant issue that I can’t not speak on it. Does David Cameron even live on this planet, he has children, a wife, where is his compassion? These people have nothing, most aren’t carrying bags or belongings they are literally carrying their children and clothing on their back. The counterargument is that the UK cannot cope with the influx of thousands of people, it will ‘threaten’ everything that exists here (which I highly doubt is the case because if you think back to all the refugees from the world wars we still extended an olive branch and were worse off then than now) but what the hell is the alternative? Are we saying that if the tables were turned we, you and me, wouldn’t expect to be given sanctuary by those that have the means to provide it. What cost is there to us? Nothing in our world will change, we will still get up everyday and eat our breakfast, drink our coffee drive our cars spend our money, while giving thousands more the right to do so.

I’ve heard a lot of ideas concerning where to place or move the ‘migrants’ and honestly some of them are barbaric and dehumanizing. A favorite is to create space for a ‘refugee/migrant’ community, as like a country or something and okay that might solve one problem but you are blind if you cant see that it would ultimately create a bigger one. These people have next to nothing and if you coup them up and put them all into one place they will still have nothing. Ghettos will form and they will be no better off than they are now. They need to be integrated and given every opportunity possible, the means to work and provide. Why? You have every single right that you do because you were born into a society that was fortunate and advanced enough to give them to you, you did not earn them. These people are seeking the same basic rights that you have because theirs have been taken away, too many at the expense of their lives. It’s heartbreaking and what’s worse is that they are fleeing terror and persecution and enslavement and yet apparently this having no effect on the levels of compassion being shown and extended to them. The truth of it all is that there is no safe nor lawful route for them to go through, otherwise they wouldnt be in the situation. The responsibility held by every country in the EU is supposed be shared equally, but really the system benefits countries like the UK, and is unfair on others. We should also be looking at solving the root cause, but you can’t ignore the consequences occuring in the mean time. The responsibility held by every single human being is to wake up, this is not going away any time soon.

If anyone wants to open the discussion I’m up for it – What do you guys think?

15 thoughts on “Seeing the Consequences

  1. You have the right view on this. There are, of course, two problems, though. The hundreds of thousands of people fleeing their countries and the wars that are causing them to flee. All of our countries–the EU & the US & their allies–must do something about both. Unfortunately they all seem divided on just who the enemy is. And as a result, chaos continues and the suffering of those poor refugees goes on and on and on.

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      1. Self-interest always wins out when pitied against compassion. Sad, but true now for thousands of years. Nations are like the people that comprise them: the politicians in charge are in charge because people allow them to be. And they only do what is in their interest to do. I started a rant here but have stopped because I’ve written about this on my blog before and repeating myself just saddens me.I am always stopped short by humanity’s callousness o the suffering of those less fortunate. A friend here in Turkey who used to teach for me in one of my programs in the US told me he lives in a bubble because if he didn’t he would be unable to get up in the morning when faced with reality. Friends back in the US ask me what’s going on in Turkey and yet cannot answer when I ask them the same thing about the US. And yet, if you read history, and I do, you would be amazed at how familiar this all is. We never learn and we never grow beyond our petty selves. Sorry for this respond. There is no answer to your very decent, humane question because we are who we are, have always been, and will most likely continue to be.

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      2. I think that if we are human we have to show our compassion and care for those in need. Where’s our empathy? You’re right – we never learn. We start wars, use political intrigue and ferment religious dogmatism and then deplore the end results.
        We need a world government to sort out the mess we’re making of the planet. 7 billion people is too many. It’s time we stopped this mad selfish rush for more and stopped being so greedy. We are destroying the planet, destroying peoples lives and putting the future of all life in jeopardy. Let’s have some compassion, care and intelligence brought to bear before we destroy everything.

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      3. I agree with you but where do we turn to look for a world government? I thought the EU might be a start toward a united Europe but self-interest rules there, too. And the US lacks strong leadership. I also wouldn’t put my faith in Russia or China. Who is to help lead us to a UN with teeth?

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      4. I don’t know if it’s right but I understand it. I spent 30 years of my life working with inner city kids, then mostly with immigrants and as I watch what is happening now back in the US, I wonder what good I did. People like Trump and other Republican hopefuls feed into this antı-immigration feeling and I also wonder why we marched in the 60s when people of color are still discriminated against and the US still stirs up war in other countries. Live in a bubble? A nice thought but how does one do that and still think of oneself as human? And my friend is a father so I wonder what world he wants to leave his children. Bubbles won’t do much good for them.

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  2. this may be simplistic::but in living the one best life that you can live, or i can live, dropping the collective ‘we’ since it’s all in the we’s that the pettiness happens . . . let’s magnify the petty to an itty bitty ME state (turn the W upside down) and go from there::in living the best life that you or i can live, in facing these questions that perhaps we don’t see answers to for we are in it, too close, living the answers . . .. i may see in terms of we are destroying everything and contribute by this very seeing toward the destruction i bemoan energetically OR i can take that sight and wield it carefully to see through a lens of how then can this destruction give birth to creation, can it? . . .. that’s just one miniscule fraction of an orbicular view, but it can change EVerything . . . every moment *this* dialogue is inititated by elena and others all around the world it happens to pour compassion into the universe, caring into the world because that’s the vibration felt and it changes everything whether or not you or i or we understand it, though diving into it and drowning in it, grappling, can result in shifts of conciousness that bring understanding and Then we stand in the dream with a whole new vision that is incredible . . . .this does not perhaps answer the question of refugees and inhumanity but have you heard about icelanders sharing their homes? . . . there’s that too . . .

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    1. this came my way as a “hands on” way to participate as called in the refugee matters, and i thought of you and this posting right away::perhaps you’re aware already? . . . i find often that in participating (whether through writing/poetry/arting/acting/dreaming/ranting/sharing from the heart/however suits you), but by *actively* taking part we *do* change . . . even if it is ourselves at first and then like an infection gone viral, those we come into contact with, and it twists, turns, spirals out until the very fabric and tapestry changes . . . small crawls eventually lead to standing, walking, running, leaping, swimming, and . . . . . . . . :)

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      1. I agree that those acts help massively especially when spreading awareness of the issues even giving a new take on them, people often list to one side and hopefully if the discussions and rebounds continue then a change can be made, if not like suggested to change the migrant crisis for the rest of time, but at least to save innocent lives in the mean time?

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  3. This problem will never end and the root of this is very simple, migrants are their worst own enemy. Why? Because after a couple of generations they forget where they come from, many even resent the fact that their ancestors come from another place.

    Look at the USA, a country of immigrants that are now to try to get rid immigrants, this struggle will never end, and this current wave of persecuting foreigners around the globe (USA Donald Trump against Latinos, Dominicans against Haitians, Venezuelans against Colombians, etc) comes as a result of the conservatives trying to rally around economic issues, due to the fact that the traditional values war is lost (same sex marriage, abortion, legalization of drugs), they hide their racism citing economic factors since you can’t use conservative values anymore as an argument.

    If every generation of migrants had kept pride of their origins and had instilled on their offspring what is to be a migrant and why they should never forget where they came from this wouldn’t be happening, but what we get is the exact opposite, people trying to blend in with their new culture and more often than not showing hatred or dislike for the land that saw their birth.


  4. Yesterday I just couldn’t take it anymore. I had to rant a little to my relatives. I didn’t think I could be more hurt when I saw the tiny body of that little boy washed ashore. My heart was broken, I couldn’t stop shaking uncontrollably. But then I saw the “circus” that was going on in the media – about and around this tiny body. And what hurt the most was that I was faced with a bunch of “civilised”, “Christian” and “well raised” people who utterly lacked compassion, empathy and just simply normal human emotions. I don’t think there is anything worse. ISIS is known to be inhuman, barbaric and so on. But here were these people thinking they were so good but truth be told just simply void of love. I just felt helpless. I still don’t know how to react to that. I tried to write something about this too, but I couldn’t. It rarely happens to me to be left speechless.

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    1. I know how you feel, this whole situation has been building up for months and it took half the world to ‘see the consequences’ of inaction or wrong action to bring it home . I had to vent about it because the frustration built up. I was heartbroken to see the images and more so that that’s what it took to get the medias attention. It’s all wrong. And what you say about civilised and well raised people is so true, people feel threatened when there is a ‘crisis’ it just goes to show you that compassion is easier preached than done. The issue needs to be helped in Syria, which the west decided originally was not their problem, except its on our doorstep now – we have to help. Thanks for sharing you thoughts, good to know I am not alone in feeling this way! Xx

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  5. I agree with you Elena. I live in Canada and our government has the same attitude. Our politicians want us to be afraid of refugees. I think it is more a tool to get them elected by intolerant people. I believe that the majority of refugees will make great citizens in our countries whether that be the UK or Canada. I hearing a lot of prejudice even though the the majority of Canadians came from families who immigrated to our country or came as refugees. I want to see a lot more compassion in the world. Thank you speaking out.


    1. Hi Roland! Yes I was having a discussion with one of my Canadian friends and they also said the same thing. In all honesty diversity in any country or culture is beneficial – we learn a lot more from people who are different from us, although if that benefit wasn’t apparent showing compassion and a strong sense of humanity to all those people should still be a priority. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, it’s great to know that many other people feel like this! :D

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