The Day I left My Home pt.1

I think about returning
as I start to wake,
I let myself get lost in a golden haze
of soaring sun and childhood days
before I sink back into the unknown.
My daughter slumped on the back of her brother
across one border to another
lessening the load for his mother
as I attempt to fight our way,
over seas and ideologies
in search of a safer place for us to stay
which started that day
I left my home.

6 thoughts on “The Day I left My Home pt.1

  1. Nicely said. I think you could apply this to other borders as well; the border we step over going from childhood into adulthood for one. I felt like that was a big step into the unknown!
    Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you will continue to find articles of interest. I post mainly on health, nutrition, faith, and writing, plus whatever peaks my curiosity.


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