Loving what you do v/s doing what you love


Work is joyous
And like play
When you learn
Something new
Find new ways
And when it starts to happen
It won’t lead to dismay
Because you love what you do
And you don’t need to escape.
The thrill will keep you going
And discoveries will keep you alive
In doing what you love
You will be able to
Love what you do
And take everything else in stride.
Often you’ll face frustration
But remember to keep going
If doing what you love
Or loving what you do
Is worth staying.
For all through your lives
You’ll struggle to find
What it is you love
Or if you love anything at all
Instead of hoping that you get what you love
Start loving what you hold.

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  1. So true Elena. It is so easy to focus on what we don’t have rather than to celebrate what we do have. Thank you!

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  2. Elena never focus on what you don’t have. You have talent. Focus on that.

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    1. That’s the plan. Thank you very much :D

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      1. Excellent. You have a very nice blog. It will be a pleasure to stop by to read your posts.


      2. Wow thank you so much. honestly it’s so encouraging to hear words like yours. I hope to give you something you enjoy reading :)

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      3. You are talented. Writers need to be supportive. Keep writing.


      4. they do indeed. I will do – you too!


  3. Elena, thanks a lot for the reblog :)


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