Halloween Appropriate….a week late from me :D If you haven’t already Checked out Nina’s page make that move!

Nina Evangeli

Down by the lake
an eerie mist blanketing the surface,
shifted by the whispering breeze;
a shivering presence pushes
a wisp of hair across the face.

Turn suddenly. To the touch,
a tap or nudge on
the shoulder. But no one
is there. Yet, notice that
shadow on the ground, by the tree.

A drop in the water,
disturbs the panicked calm.
Darting eyes drawn to the rippled
grave. Was it from above or
from below?

Haunted, by the memory which
isn’t yours. By the fear and
horror slowly filling you up
with dread. Struggle to breathe,
struggle to survive. They drowned here.

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