Halloween Appropriate….a week late from me :D If you haven’t already Checked out Nina’s page make that move!

Nina Evangeli

Down by the lake
an eerie mist blanketing the surface,
shifted by the whispering breeze;
a shivering presence pushes
a wisp of hair across the face.

Turn suddenly. To the touch,
a tap or nudge on
the shoulder. But no one
is there. Yet, notice that
shadow on the ground, by the tree.

A drop in the water,
disturbs the panicked calm.
Darting eyes drawn to the rippled
grave. Was it from above or
from below?

Haunted, by the memory which
isnโ€™t yours. By the fear and
horror slowly filling you up
with dread. Struggle to breathe,
struggle to survive. They drowned here.

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