I start work at 7:30 am some mornings, and although its early I often have a lot of time just to think. London is a little bit quieter at 6:30 on my journey in…

In the past 3 weeks, I suffered a bad MCL knee injury (ligament related), which I am still having diagnostic tests and treatment for. I didn’t realise how much it had got me down until someone at work asked me why I was so quiet and not as cheerful as I usually am. And then I took a second to think, and actually reflected on how I had been acting for the past few weeks, and it was pretty shitty – even if I hadn’t actually realised it.

When I think about it now, I do feel really selfish. Although the pain is moderate, it isn’t actually that getting me down, but the fact that I can’t exercise for a while or play volleyball! Which in the scheme of things, isn’t actually that bad!

As I’m quite active most days, it was a shock to the system to not be able to walk properly, and I think it just built up all these negative emotions, that other people could see! I have had a lot of help too, which some people don’t get. I live about 20 minutes walk from my Station on my journey to work, so my Mum has been dropping me every day, bless her!

I know things could be a lot worse…. so I am trying my hardest to remain positive. I have actually now considered how hard it is for people on crutches or with knee trouble to get around in the City, to be honest I used to be an impatient Londoner, briskly walking within the sea of commuters, but I can now empathise with those that are a little slower… especially because for now I am one of them.

I have also spoken to so many others on the tube or overground that get on with their crutches or knee supports, and its sparked so many conversations. Some are injured from Sport or fitness related like myself, and some from a fall, or general joint trouble. I didn’t realise how common they were, and how many people suffer. It generally makes me thankful that I am still able to walk without much pain now that it’s healing, and that I will be able to in the future, and I know some people won’t.

Stay Positiveeee!

Elena xxx

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