*5 Minute Philosopher

It’s been a while since the last 5 Minute Philosopher… So I put Alex in the hot seat whilst we were in Barbados. Enjoy!

5-Minute Philosopher

What is the meaning of life?
I don’t think there is a definition of the word life, we just take every day as it comes.

2. Where is your happy place?
Barbados or watching the first 48 or being at my girlfriend’s house.

3. Do you think it is more important to be liked or respected?
Neither are more important than the other, they are both of the same importance, and to progress in life or career you the focus needs to be revolved around yourself. 

4. What do you think makes a good friend? 
Someone you can trust, someone that can be honest (regardless if its positive or negative as long as it’s truthful).

5. If you could be remembered for one thing, what would it be?
Never giving up / opening a cinnamon shop (starts laughing)…..

6. Who or What is your greatest love?
My girlfriend, my Mother, my country, Football, Food, the first 48 (again).

7. If you could choose one superpower what would it be?
To pause time…

8. Describe your perfect holiday:
Sun, sea, Walks/hikes, food, peace and quiet!

9. What book would you recommend to others?
DMX’s autobiography as you really get to understand what he went through as a youth and then you can understand to an extent why he is the person he is today, and why he conducts himself in the way he does.

10. Confess your unpopular opinion:
Cereal should be eaten with HOT MILK!!!!

11. Pasta or Pizza?
Pizza all the way.

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