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The way you see me

A few posts here and there, all of which you read. A few pictures and you always stare.

You make your inferences, you decide what to believe. This is not the real me, your judgement isn’t fair.

Take some time to look deep, into the details, depict what I really mean. Try to see me in a new light.

I’m trying to tell you that I care, writing gives me the upper hand, a chance to change perspectives on what is already there.

There is no vanity, ego does not live between these lines, just rawness, a passion to find strength and wisdom, courage to be generous and kind.

An outlet for the spiralling patterns of my mind, time to unwind, a paper place where I reside. To write about my struggles and the trials of life to make it all worthwhile.

Just because you read it, doesn’t mean you get it, but I hope that you try, I ask you to see things through my eyes.

It may help set you free, what you feel when you read this is but a reflection of you, and the way that you see me.