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Reflections @ 25

Eeeeeek I turned 25 this month! This past year feels like it has been the quickest of my life so far. To be honest I thought that I would feel more of a way on my birthday than I actually did when the day arrived, but I felt good. I keep saying that I need to be writing more and more but in reality its so much more time consuming than I give it credit – but here I am sharing my thoughts about this past year and hitting my mid-twenties (that really sounds horriddddd).

I think I am a 3 year Plan sort of person – or maybe like 60% plan and 40% wing it. There was definitely things that I wanted to accomplish before 25, i.e. moving forward in my career, focusing on saving and I wanted to travel a lot. I have worked and worked, but have also had some amazing trips and experiences in the last few years and I wouldn’t trade those memories in for anything.

I think I have learnt a lot about my work ethic and the fact that you really do have to put your heart and soul into whatever you want to achieve, whatever stage you might be at. I love my job, and although it’s not particularly rewarding to society (My sister is a neo-natal nurse which is pretty hard to match….) it is something I find really fulfilling and I love progressing and evolving and working towards the next level. Nothing ever comes easy and this year I am feeling more than ever the want and need to do and be more. It’s also hard as hell, like I don’t want to give the impression that I find it easy because I don’t. I am tired always and sleep is my best friend and I comfort eat a lot, but I think when you are really into something you endure all the side effects, good and bad.

Also it has hit me that at 25 I live my life mostly selfishly, like pretty much I live just for myself. Obviously it goes without saying how important family and friends are to me, but because I have no serious responsibilities I can travel when and where I like etc etc. I do think it’s healthy to be able to spend a lot of time doing your own thing, the only scary thing is how addictive it can get. And I don’t want to become numb to the need for sharing stuff and getting used to doing things alone, and really that worries me a bit. But I always remind myself that God knows best and I am exactly where I need to be for this year of being 25.

I also realise I have a massive amount to be thankful for, I really live a blessed life amd am looking forward to the year ahead.




How many years have you listened to me talking about space, all those freckles on your face you are basically the solar system, and you deserve the stars. We always wanna walk arm in arm to them, just us two. How many times have we been on the darkest side of the moon, but found each other there, and instead of running scared, tread footprints on its surface. For you, if it takes going to the moon and back, you’ve already earned it. (you told me you were no writer but we’ve listened to the same fucking albums for about 10 years at the back of the 86, so you’ve got the same rhythm as I do) So in your own words, “I’ve cried with you. I’ve suffered with you. I’ve loved with you. I’ve laughed with you. I’ve travelled with you. I’ve lived with you. I’ve grown with you.” from six to twenty two with you. How many years have we revised in the sun together and passed all of our exams, (yes to get tan) but probably because we wouldn’t let each other give up, or trip up, just to keep each other up where we needed to be, no one understands this as well as you and me. I love the way you see life, sort of ‘sitting on a boat’ the whole time you roll with the waves and keep on smiling, so gravity you defy, rocks can come in an unsinkable kind. (and I hope you get the reference because I seriously cried!!!) We give no fucks together, made shadows on the ceiling together (I don’t think it’s that weird probably a lot of people do it) burnt potatoes and toast together, looked upon sunsets and sunrises in cities and beaches and parks of all kinds, I listen while you predict my life, you’re usually right. I tell you not to worry so much, that ‘everything gonna be alright’. I crack your prawns and you fix my computers, this is how we work right? (u still owe me a holiday if the bet pays off).  You are my sister, and family aside, you taught me what love is, as unconditional as the sun shinning every day, even from behind the clouds, filtering it’s light into the stars at night. We always wanna walk arm in arm to them, just us two. You so pretty and witty and your big blue eyes are like the kind of denim that I don’t fit in, how many times have you shoved me into a dress and how many times have I saftey-pinned yours and checked your RH Line (ha-ha). We both fucking hate big gestures, especially in public, but sometimes actions speak louder than words do, this is my jumble of the two, and I hope it’s enough to get my point across, I hope this is enough to show you. In your own words, “I’ve cried with you. I’ve suffered with you. I’ve loved with you. I’ve laughed with you. I’ve travelled with you. I’ve lived with you. I’ve grown with you.” from six to twenty two with you.

a little bit early but – Happy birthday lp