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Reflections @ 25

Eeeeeek I turned 25 this month! This past year feels like it has been the quickest of my life so far. To be honest I thought that I would feel more of a way on my birthday than I actually did when the day arrived, but I felt good. I keep saying that I need to be writing more and more but in reality its so much more time consuming than I give it credit – but here I am sharing my thoughts about this past year and hitting my mid-twenties (that really sounds horriddddd).

I think I am a 3 year Plan sort of person – or maybe like 60% plan and 40% wing it. There was definitely things that I wanted to accomplish before 25, i.e. moving forward in my career, focusing on saving and I wanted to travel a lot. I have worked and worked, but have also had some amazing trips and experiences in the last few years and I wouldn’t trade those memories in for anything.

I think I have learnt a lot about my work ethic and the fact that you really do have to put your heart and soul into whatever you want to achieve, whatever stage you might be at. I love my job, and although it’s not particularly rewarding to society (My sister is a neo-natal nurse which is pretty hard to match….) it is something I find really fulfilling and I love progressing and evolving and working towards the next level. Nothing ever comes easy and this year I am feeling more than ever the want and need to do and be more. It’s also hard as hell, like I don’t want to give the impression that I find it easy because I don’t. I am tired always and sleep is my best friend and I comfort eat a lot, but I think when you are really into something you endure all the side effects, good and bad.

Also it has hit me that at 25 I live my life mostly selfishly, like pretty much I live just for myself. Obviously it goes without saying how important family and friends are to me, but because I have no serious responsibilities I can travel when and where I like etc etc. I do think it’s healthy to be able to spend a lot of time doing your own thing, the only scary thing is how addictive it can get. And I don’t want to become numb to the need for sharing stuff and getting used to doing things alone, and really that worries me a bit. But I always remind myself that God knows best and I am exactly where I need to be for this year of being 25.

I also realise I have a massive amount to be thankful for, I really live a blessed life amd am looking forward to the year ahead.




At lot of the time writing and self expression can come out of anger or frustration and insecurity, we all learn to deal with these things as we go through life. Sometimes it’s born out of happiness and contentment and thankfulness. When I read poems and lyrics on WordPress it amazes me how many people are out there writing away with no other objection that to communicate their thoughts in more of a humble way. Sometimes I/we worry because sharing our thoughts can leave us vulnerable but this gives us a platform as if sharing with a best friend.

There’s a story in everything. There’s a story to how you got to where you are today and that’s worth sharing. Imagine if you were to write down your life as a time line, including the biggest monumental parts and then the smaller ones they would all connect with each other and then to you, where you are right now. It would be full of apprehension and mistakes and laughter and happiness and all of that got you to this point. I wouldn’t say I believe in fate really more than I believe that you receive in turn what you give out, and although easier said than done, it just all adds to your failures and successes that subtract and multiply and divide to get you grown. There’s a scene In the Wire that explains the drug hierarchy of Baltimore using chess. If you actually think of your life as a chess board with all the individual players, you got pawns and Knights and Queens and what not and they are all making moves to protect the king. Say your knight graduates so he takes out a castle or your pawn breaks his leg so you ends up being checked. In the end it doesn’t matter how the game plays out long as the King is protected. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=y0mxz2-AQ64

I’ve been looking back over some of my older poems and it’s so crazy how times change even when you don’t realise it. Some of them are experimentation some are creative and some just pure emotion lol and I wouldn’t say I necessarily got better rather than I’m now a little more focused about the type of thing I set my mind to write. It sort of shifted from expressing my own feelings or having fun to writing for awareness to different topics or situations that I feel need addressing, or more of a spotlight than they are given. I used to always say that my dream would be to publish a novel (still there) but I think that’s shifted or grown a little recently, I would love to create a space for others to be creative with writing, for them to experience how freeing yet gripping it can be all at the same time. With my dad being ill this year I just thought to myself Ellz what the hell are you waiting for if you don’t do this now then you’re not going to get the chance. And that too was all being fed by anger and frustration and over excessive laugher at points – all jumbled together and got me here, rambling on about chess to you people.

I can’t actually remember what the original point was but that is the female mind for you! If you do have a particular drive or goal because you know it makes you feel better or even because it gives you a purpose you wouldn’t otherwise have feed it as often as you have to. If it battles with that fear and anger and expresses your happiness then it’ll always be useful for you!

Writing Therapy

Research suggests that simply writing down 5 facts or sentences about yourself and the occurrences in your day each night will help with both anxiety and insomnia. These anecdotes could be trivial facts, deep thoughts and feelings, things you need to remember, or things you want to say to somebody else. Basically anything that is on your mind. Along with theories of sleep hygiene, this diary-entry like process intends to aid sleep by leasing your mind of worries, feeling of sadness, guilt and fear. This may or may not be successful for different people, but I like to think of the theory as evidence to the therapy that writing provides.

I don’t suffer with anxiety but I am a renowned insomniac, so here is mine:

1. I want to move to Italy.
2. At some point I really need to make a diary out of a human being again. Why is it so hard to change the habit of a lifetime? 
3. I need to cook Lucia’s dinners for the week before she gets home and I have been putting it off all day (I miss her). While I’m at it I should make hazelnut biscotti!
4. I learnt how to say ‘how are you’ in polish!!!!! JAK SIE MASZ! 
5. Friendship is like gold dust but only because you have to work hard to build and keep it. I don’t want to loose this one.
6. (there are no rules) American Horror Story is the most fucked up series I have ever watched but I have so much time to talk about it!!!

I am probably not going to fall asleep straight away now – but you get the jist. Adapt it, something along the same lines or slightly different could work for you. In my opinion, this will tell you a lot more about yourself than paying someone else to, read between the lines.

HAC London – Wonder Nights

I’ve been finding it really hard to continue writing – I am using the time of year as a scapegoat! Friday was my first work Christmas party held in the HAC Royal Artillery Rooms, London. The venue itself was amazing, themed like a circus/fun fair with dodgems (one of which I flew out of because my friends think it’s funny to come at me from 3 separate angles!!) old school photo booths, a candy floss stand, a random school bus, show-girl performances and the whole venue was decorated with millions and millions of lights.

The night started with a champagne reception followed by apple and raspberry cocktails. Drinks were paid for and an hour after arrival we were served a three course meal, which hardly anybody actually sat for for being on the dance floor and at the bar, but at some point I went back for dessert (milk chocolate mousse with white chocolate flakes, raspberry sauce and caramel snaps – happy girl).

I would definitely recommend for corporate events/Christmas parties. Although such a prestigious venue, the evening was very relaxed but exquisite and glamorous – perfect for such a magical time of year! Jay Gatsby eat your heart out!

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