A Wish

To see you comfortably
At ease
I am Proud, and at peace;
Like the earth senses a Star
I feel your light
Soak up your wisdom
And bathe in your shine.
With big bright eyes
I realise you…
From afar

© elena andrean

This is part of a poem from my upcoming project #Equilibrium.

It Begins

They told me never to write about a man
Or let my words be all I own;
Perhaps a woman shouldn’t hold the type of power
That toys with the elusiveness
Of holding,
Yet setting free
With words

© elena andrean

This is part of a poem from my project #Equilibrium.

The Day I left My Home pt.1

I think about returning
as I start to wake,
I let myself get lost in a golden haze
of soaring sun and childhood days
before I sink back into the unknown.
My daughter slumped on the back of her brother
across one border to another
lessening the load for his mother
as I attempt to fight our way,
over seas and ideologies
in search of a safer place for us to stay
which started that day
I left my home.