Come si dice…Peace?

I wish I could explain to her,
Why there’s so many wars, and peace is hard to find.
I’m ashamed to say I’m only 21
and I live a better life, than the majority of the world.
Hatred, shame, brutality, at the moment rule the earth.
I tell her peace will return, but I’m not sure if that’s wishful of me to think,
and I feel like such a hypocrite, explaining humanity’s suffering from a distance, out the thick of it, like I really understand how people out there live,
whilst sitting in my house, with running water made of brick.

The traveller

I saw the traveller today.
He was supposed to buy me lunch
But I came with a bag full of sweets,
and we shared those instead.
It used to be pic n mix.
He told me that he is house sitting now, for a couple with a pool, and two kids. But he hasn’t seen his since last September, he lost his flat and all his stuff is with friends.
We talk about school days, and wonder if East London has changed. We laugh about getting caught playing cards, how I made him swear to tell no one my middle names. Life would be funny if it was still the same, I think he makes it up as he goes along.