The Flavours of Sicilia pt.2


I guess it’s a bit different from being a tourist but in the same sense the people of Sicily are so welcoming to people from all walks of life and from anywhere around the globe. They love to learn about other cultures and in return love to share with you their own. They (like most Italians) are extremely proud of their heritage, they will get you to try every flavour of gelato, all their recipes (guilty) drink their wine and marvel at their architecture. But in all honesty – who would refuse, it’s gorgeous.

There are so many elegant buildings and statues in and around the city you can’t really walk a street without seeing something interesting. Sicily has been inhabited by many different peoples over time including Arabs and Normans and all have left their mark in some way or another. IMG_6203

Palermo is made up of Piazza’s and Palazzo’s which if you don’t know your way around or have a map handy you’re gonna get pretty lost. The Piazza above is Piazza Domenico which is breathtaking, there’s a convent nearby so there’s nuns running around everywhere too lol. In the city center you have Teatro Massimo which is one of the largest theaters in Europe (below).

IMG_6441 For those of you that like street art Sicilians go crazy for it, so here’s a bunch of stuff I found off Piazza Domenico.

IMG_6210IMG_6212IMG_6213 IMG_6211

It’s so weird when you travel to different places and are so welcome. I couldn’t help but think that somehow we don’t do the same justice in London. Like imagine if everyone in London treated foreigners or migrants with the same respect and compassion that we expect when we travel, it’s really crazy when you think about it. Yes, abroad, they are polite and courteous because they want us to enjoy ourselves and spend our money, but is the opposite not being compassionate or understanding to people in devastating situations because they have nothing to offer?… like it’s inhumane. And all the time while I was travelling I just kept thinking about it, and what pisses me off even more if that I have no idea how to help or make a change.

The Flavours of Sicilia pt.1

XII. Hummingbirds

Catalina peered through the door she had been told not to see.
She rarely tip-toed around commands set by mouth.

Opening in front of her, a chest of tesoro (treasure), a cave of wonders.
She dazzled in it’s reflection.

Set before her were the blessings from many lands.

From Sicilia, Rare Ortiga Lime Glycerin in hourglass decanters.
The elixir of youth, coveted for centuries after The Holy Roman Empress, Maria Theresa,
had sworn by its mystical properties.

Sage green and Chrystal yellow mosaic vases from Caltagirone (‘The City Of Sicilian Ceremaics’) encrusted with fire-like axinite.

Firenze (Florence) had sent Marzipan fruits in creamy shades of pastel, vino soaked ciliegie (sweet cherries)
and amarene (black cherries) coated in snow sugar.

And from the foothills of Bergamo,
harvested honey-glossed Satin sewn in the shape of roses through Mantua cloth.

Like a pendant hung from the chambers highest point, a gold plated cage,
Large enough for a jaguar or leopard. Inside two starry-eyed hummingbirds,
floating in electric feathers, singing in gentle melodies.

Their elegance unlike anything she had seen, Catalina did not know their origin.

©, 2015