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I feel as though recently there has been a narrative circulating that individuals thrive when they adopt the attitude that they don’t need anyone else. I think subliminally it’s been picked up from social media, reading different articles and even in general conversation, the belief that being able to stand alone is preferable and reliability on others is weakness.

Don’t misunderstand when I say that everybody needs a support system, because I agree that we need to be strong as individuals too. At 24 most of my decisions are selfish, I get up in the morning and lead the day I want to lead. I go to work for me, I work on my fitness for me, I shop for me and I socialise for me. When I am going through something it’s in my character to go through it alone, but the idea that as Human’s we don’t one another is alien. I am able to do all of the above things because I have a network of people around me that I can count on when I need them and vice versa.

I think females sometimes convince themselves that they don’t need men, and men that they don’t need females. Perhaps this also correlates with the mirroring concept that people will only be what you show them to be or to think. Realistically we do need the opposite sex, not only as partners but as father/mother figures, as brothers/sisters and as colleagues and friends. Feeding into and maintaining it is counterproductive and unrealistic.

I like to believe that the perfect balance exists. That because no two people are the same there is beauty in interacting with another completely different to yourself. Where someone falls short, the other makes up. Feeding into the ideology that none of us need anyone is dangerous and evolves an existing self-fulfilling prophecy…


Loca in Catalonia

Catalonia. I have fallen for you. I didn’t know what to expect from this city, and it fully surprised me, alive with culture, curiosity, and irresistible cuisine.  I honestly had to be dragged back onto the plane. The scenes after sunset are so seductive. The lights of the city. The marina. The natural beauty of the coastline.

Being a beach baby I found the mix with city life a little weird at first but it actually works really well. You can have a morning of shopping or exploring the beautiful city and then an afternoon relaxing out on the beach with some rum and pineapple – not too shabby :D

Ok so, picture this. We get out the cab from the airport, look around and think where the fuck have we been left. Standing in a back alley there are no signs for apartments or lodgings and we stick out like a sore thumb with all our bags and sunglasses and my volleyball (I insist on taking it because it really isn’t a holiday without it). We think we find something with a name sort of like our apartments so we head in down a passageway which leads us into lifts… Read more…