Today I found out the old man I lived next door to in Uni passed away. He was 82! I felt so sad because I have really good memories of him and it’s so sad to think he isn’t there anymore. He lived alone and would always be at the front of his house gardening especially when the weather was nice, and we would always stop to talk to him as he would ask questions about uni and our dissertation work. I remember he used to say he thought we were great tenants and neighbours because we were never loud (I honestly think he may have had trouble hearing because the neighbours the other side always complained about our bass :/) or maybe he just never said.

He would always tell me and Moll stories about his wife who had died 10 years before and how he had seen the area change after students moved in living around the university. He said a lot of others had complained but he and his wife had welcomed the change and liked meeting new people from different places and to be fair it did seem like that to me..it’s weird to think if we ever go back to Hatfield he won’t be there but I am glad we met and got to swap stories… RIP Bryan!