The Day I left My Home pt.1

I think about returning
as I start to wake,
I let myself get lost in a golden haze
of soaring sun and childhood days
before I sink back into the unknown.
My daughter slumped on the back of her brother
across one border to another
lessening the load for his mother
as I attempt to fight our way,
over seas and ideologies
in search of a safer place for us to stay
which started that day
I left my home.

Seeing the Consequences

The world is going crazy. At work I sit next to the news which is half good because I know what’s going on (what they broadcast anyway) and half bad because it’s all I listen to all day. But honestly I feel so strongly about the whole migrant issue that I can’t not speak on it. Does David Cameron even live on this planet, he has children, a wife, where is his compassion? These people have nothing, most aren’t carrying bags or belongings they are literally carrying their children and clothing on their back. The counterargument is that the UK cannot cope with the influx of thousands of people, it will ‘threaten’ everything that exists here (which I highly doubt is the case because if you think back to all the refugees from the world wars we still extended an olive branch and were worse off then than now) but what the hell is the alternative? Are we saying that if the tables were turned we, you and me, wouldn’t expect to be given sanctuary by those that have the means to provide it. What cost is there to us? Nothing in our world will change, we will still get up everyday and eat our breakfast, drink our coffee drive our cars spend our money, while giving thousands more the right to do so.

I’ve heard a lot of ideas concerning where to place or move the ‘migrants’ and honestly some of them are barbaric and dehumanizing. A favorite is to create space for a ‘refugee/migrant’ community, as like a country or something and okay that might solve one problem but you are blind if you cant see that it would ultimately create a bigger one. These people have next to nothing and if you coup them up and put them all into one place they will still have nothing. Ghettos will form and they will be no better off than they are now. They need to be integrated and given every opportunity possible, the means to work and provide. Why? You have every single right that you do because you were born into a society that was fortunate and advanced enough to give them to you, you did not earn them. These people are seeking the same basic rights that you have because theirs have been taken away, too many at the expense of their lives. It’s heartbreaking and what’s worse is that they are fleeing terror and persecution and enslavement and yet apparently this having no effect on the levels of compassion being shown and extended to them. The truth of it all is that there is no safe nor lawful route for them to go through, otherwise they wouldnt be in the situation. The responsibility held by every country in the EU is supposed be shared equally, but really the system benefits countries like the UK, and is unfair on others. We should also be looking at solving the root cause, but you can’t ignore the consequences occuring in the mean time. The responsibility held by every single human being is to wake up, this is not going away any time soon.

If anyone wants to open the discussion I’m up for it – What do you guys think?