I am a woman~by Hela Tekali


I am a woman

I am a woman with
An impossible dream
I dare enough
Against the current to swim

I am a lover, I am a dreamer
I have so passion in my heart
The more I humiliate myself,
The more I feel love, and
The more I feel dignified
The more my soul
bearing so much suffering is
with love purified

I am a mystic lover,
I am longing for courtly love
I am a Troubadour,
I am fond of obstacles
And the taste of its Holy Oracles

My love takes pleasure
In making itself suffering
When seeking humiliation
Is itself a form of soul redemption

I am a lover, I am a dreamer
I am a passionate admirer
I am an adventure seeker
I am a woman with an
Impossible dream
I am a stubborn spirit
Striving to see my flickering
Light shining brightly
On full beam

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I know that you learnt a lot of things from me
For one, that often there is no going back
Or rewinding and doing me over.
But if you deserve
to soak me up
we shall be intertwined and endless
in the purest form
of bittersweet.

– time

© elena andrean

XVI. Home Sweet Home

Abia remembered places how she tasted sweets. Sour and sweet, sour and sweet. The ones that were delightfully ordinary and ones that were treats. Cities like candy in a powdered box they were there to relish, to reminisce.
Nova Fribrugo was high up in the mountains. It carried mist through it’s air and whistles in it’s winds. Her childhood home was like a dark chocolate humbug, or a sea salted caramel. It oozed with tradition, with sweetness and familiarity, but left an aftertaste of indifference.
Merolas was a sugar coated fruit cube. Covered in snowy sweetness it was soft to touch, full of flavour and adventure. But it’s taste was ambiguous if you did not let it settle on your tongue, too sharp if left there for too long, too much in one mouthful and you might choke.

© elenaxtina.com, 2015 in Skies over A Shanty Town