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Fools Gold

Sifting through the waters to find one,
A little stone, or a rare diamond
And suddenly you see one when the waves pull away
Not particularly bold or shiny,
But you take a shine to it.
When you look closer it’s edges are roughly outlined
and it’s not at all what you had in mind,
But it fits in your pocket.
A little stone, or a rare diamond
Washed up in what the waves left behind
A gem you expected to be the colours of Gold,
But instead, is slightly Green in hue
And slowly but surely it reminds you,
Of someone you knew

Fools Gold – 21/10/2014 Elena Andrean


Most of the time we write when we are uncomfortable
or we do it to speak for those that can’t speak for themselves
about things that promised to stay the same, and didn’t
so instead we have to change
which is just like being nervous when a conversation starts
although a lot of time has passed
since way back when all I knew was words that rhymed
and poetry in three lines
we realize that change is overdue
and things do, it’s weird
sometimes we welcome it with open arms, or wish
we hadn’t thought ahead so far
and it’s not everyday but I still sit and watch the skyline fade
from color to stars
sanctuary is always the other-side of the horizon so here we are
Standing at the top of a city
I think evolution never reached us
because we are nowhere near as free as birds
who look down from above and fly around for harmless fun
and yet we have a point to make, rewrite fate
if you believe in that
we might sound shy when we call for change but
through nervous laughs, stutters and croaks
you can just about hear vocals and notes
and dream overnight dreams that materialize wings
and save us