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Buzzzzzzz Bar

I swear to god this is the best place on the face of the earth. It’s on the seafront so I’ve been running in every time I get hot on the beach. I am not even sorry. They now know me by name and if I don’t turn up every couple hours they get worried. They do the best homemade waffles piled with fruit and slush/fruit smoothies… I am working my way through the menu.




Italian in a Turkish bath


So I was persuaded to have a Turkish bath while here. I seriously did not expect what this entailed haha. In my bikini, I went into the room above and was told by the guy to relax on the white slab which oozes warm water and steam. It could have stopped there it was tooo nice. After 20 mins I was scrubbed and washed (seeing as I didn’t know I just sort of let this happen) with rosewater and soap. There were candles lit and relaxing music so everything was pretty chilled, and I got to chat to the guys who told me some of the best bars and nightclubs to visit but rinsed me for being a student. After leaving the rosewater to soak into my skin, I got washed down with warm water and towel dried (out of my control and I still don’t know if that’s supposed to happen haha) then set to relax before a hot oil massage. I’m for sure glad I decided to experience it, it was so relaxing but I’m undecided if I would pay someone £20 to wash me again.